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About Auro Jewellery

At Auro Jewellery, we're about fine, solid gold and real gem jewellery without the traditional retail markup. 
We insist on using a minimum of 10k solid gold for our products. Why? Because real gold truly compares to no other! We love the colour, it tends not to discolour, and is generally non-allergenic. We believe by doing the research, we can cut out the middleman, and go direct from the manufacturer to the customer. In this way, our costs can be kept low and reflected in our prices.
With this in mind, we travelled to the district of Panyu in China, the heart of fine jewellery manufacturing, to find a small scale female owned and run business that could help bring our vision to life. After a year of trial and error, Auro Jewellery was created.
At Auro, we want our customers to feel effortlessly fabulous every day wearing jewellery they love. We're here to redefine purchasing fine jewellery you don't have to think twice about.
And we'd love for you to join us on our journey!